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How to use?

Vessly Milky G Bird Nest Papaya Milk Tea breast enhancement series uses extra fine selected golden bird’s nest, green papaya extract, Thailand Pueraria, marine collagen as the main ingredients. Golden bird nest contains rich contains rich amount of marine collagen, in addition to beauty, also work as a great help...
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How it works?

Introducing Healthy Breast Enhancement, Experience Puberty Once Again! Korea Vessly Milky G Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea contains green papaya extract and thai pueraria root to improve the direction and restoration of breast cells and tissues, enhancing estrogen secretion to a higher level. This provides stimulation and speedy development...
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Q: After nursing my baby, my breasts have lost much of its fullness and elasticity. How will the Bird Nest & Papaya Milk Tea be able to relieve me of this issue? Which course and what duration is advised for consumption? A: Hello, 1. The size of the female breasts...
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